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North Bay Web Hosting is fast, affordable, dependable WordPress hosting for small to medium sized business, entrepreneurs and non-profits who run their websites on WordPress and want fast yet affordable website hosting from a service provider who cares.

The quality and speed of our hosting service is a clear step up and practical alternative to cheap shared hosting services like Godaddy, HostGator, and SiteGround; and yet more affordable than premium developer-friendly WordPress hosting environments like WP Engine.

North Bay Web Hosting services are available by application, to a limited number of clients, to control growth and provide optimal service and support.

What's it cost?

Hosting rates range from $12/month to $20/month depending on the size of your organization and needs of your website. If you want something even faster with professional tools like a staging environment, I recommend WP Engine which runs $29/month. If you want something less expensive (but slower) I recommend Godaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting (which they advertise for $3.99/month but that’s only if you buy 3 years up front and after that you pay $7.99/month; if you pay less than a year up front it costs $7.99/month).

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WordPress Update Service

An ESSENTIAL WordPress Update Service
to keep your website SECURE

Is your WordPress website updated? You know, those plugins, themes and the WordPress core. They’re constantly needing to be updated with new features and security releases. Wait – SECURITY RELEASES? Does that mean your website is NOT SECURE without updating it?


Until you do update it, there are software “vulnerabilities” that are publically known and hackers are specifically looking for WordPress websites that have outdated plugins, themes and WordPress core versions so they can hack into your website and use it for their own purposes. In fact WordPress has been under increased attack as it has become more popular, simply because so many websites are powered by WordPress, and many people do not keep their websites updated, it makes WordPress websites an easy target. But it’s a lot of work to keep an eye on all those updates.

THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN. We offer a simple service. We keep your website backed up and updated, and we have pricing plans for almost everyone. So let us do it. Let us keep your WordPress website updated and secure while you go about your own business. Sleep well at night knowing your website is backed up and updated. Check out WP Update Pro.

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